Saturday, February 5, 2011

The things kids say...

I figured I better write down two recent conversations that I've had with each of the kids before I forgot. One made me laugh and the other pulled at my heartstrings.

While driving into town on our way to preschool one day Jenna and I had a talk that went like this:
Jenna: Mom, why are we having twins?
Me: Well..
Jenna: (interupts me) Oh, that's right because God chose us. He chose our family.

She said it so matter-of-factly and sincerely that it almost made me cry. Jenna is just wise beyond her years sometimes.

While sitting in the recliner one day Brody comes in munching on a cheese stick and that conversation went like this.
Brody (with his hand on my belly and speaking directly to my belly): "Babies, you kick me?"
After waiting for a few seconds and getting no response he looked at me, shook his head, looked back at my belly, held out his cheese stick and said, "Babies, you want some of my cheese stick?"

He was so cute and hilarious! I thanked him for offering to share, but told him I didn't think the babies wanted his cheese stick.


The Burdorf's said...

Cute! Give em a kiss from us!

Tomi said...

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