Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 Weeks

I can't believe it, but I'm already 30 weeks along! I guess we're heading down the home stretch here. I don't know why it feels like such a milestone, probably because I know two other moms who delivered their twins at 30 weeks and today they are both doing just fine. That being said, I want to keep these baby boys in there as long as I can so everything can develop and mature like it needs to.

I've been feeling really, really good (knock on wood). I still tire out easily and our night time routine consists of putting the kids to bed at 8:15 and me falling asleep in the chair at 8:30 PM and then heading to bed when Aaron wakes me up. :)

So far, I've been still sleeping well. I get up 3 times or so for potty breaks, but it's not because I'm uncomfortable. Turning over is something I have to wake up for to reposition myself and the pillows, which also causes the babies to shift, which usually means pushing on my bladder.

Anyway, here are me and the belly.


Brooke Stevens said...

You look great!! :)

The Hunecke Family said...

Love it! :) Thanks for posting pics!