Saturday, February 26, 2011

Part II: OB appointment

We had a routine OB check-up and another comprehensive ultrasound to check on the growth of the babies back at the Perinatal Center.

During the ultrasound, we learned that Baby B, a.k.a. our little monkey, has once again flipped and is head down. That means that both babies are currently head down. Baby A is estimated at 5 lbs. 1 oz and Baby B 4 lbs. However, Baby A really is probably closer to the 4 lb. mark because they base the weight on the stomach measurement. Obviously with the extra fluid around the lungs it's making him seem a little larger than what he probably is. With the 4 lb. estimate I am measuring a week ahead of schedule (good news!).

Unfortunately, our regular doctor was out of the office and so we had to meet with Dr. Negativity, who was the doctor we met with the very first time back in December. We hadn't seen him since then and really didn't want to meet with him again. Once again, we left with bad feelings in our stomachs and frustration and annoyance.

He walked and said the babies are growing well. After that, things went downhill. He pretty much told us Baby A is going to live for 10 minutes after birth and we need to have a plan in mind because he's sure the lungs won't be developed enough to keep the baby alive. To say we were both mad is probably an understatement. Our regular doctor is pretty confident that the lungs are developing as they need to. Aaron said he just tuned him out after that and I just kept nodding.

I get that doctors have to deliver bad news sometimes. But, for him to be at a complete 180 from what his partner has been telling us (someone who's dealt with a situation like ours) was just annoying. Plus, the guy has no people skills! Grrr....

The only other thing of importance that came out of the consult was that with the low amniotic fluid in Baby A's sac a regular deliver might put too much pressure on the umbilical cord and we may have to look at a C-section. I voiced my opinion that I wanted a C-section. The whole delivering twins thing has been scarying me for awhile now.

Anyway, we head back in two weeks and they'll put me on the monitor to watch the heart rates and also see if I'm having any contractions.

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