Saturday, February 19, 2011

Looooong Week...

We've had a long week at the Burdorf household. Brody has been fighting a cold since last Thursday (going on day 10). He has been miserable, as have the rest of us dealing with a tired, cranky boy. Brody started with a bad cough, runny nose and fever the first couple of days. The fever went away, but his cough/running nose persisted and I called and talked to the doctor's office about day seven, just because Brody has never been this sick for this long EVER.

The nurse told me it's been a horrible winter for this type of thing and it's viral and lasts about 10-14 days. She told me I didn't need to bring him in unless the fever returned. Thursday at lunch, the fever returned, so Friday I ended up taking him in. He had some fluid in his ears and we got a prescription, but otherwise he's ok.

It's hard to have a sick kid when you are trying to work, your spouse is trying to work, there's district basketball that you're supposed to cover for the paper and Aaron is doing the radio for, and on top of that our daycare gal's father-in-law was moved to Hospice this week. Thank goodness for flexibility!

I've been crazy-mom about germs! I make the kids wash their hands all the time and I wash my hands non-stop since I'm wiping a nose every 5 seconds. I'm hoping whatever Brody has the rest of don't get, especially me since the drugs you can take while pregnant are very limited.

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Anonymous said...

Jenna acts like her crazy Grandma Jo!!!! Love that little girl and Brod man, he is ALL boy. You will soon be outnumbered by the testosterone!!!! REST UP--the best is yet to be! Love, Mom