Saturday, February 26, 2011

Part 1: Pediatric Kidney Specialist

We had a very busy day on Friday. We had two doctors appointments and a couple of tours. I'm breaking this up into three parts because I think it might get too long otherwise.

We met with Dr. Aron, the kidney specialist, first at Blank Children's Hospital. We got no definite answers from him and we know we won't have any until the babies are born on exactly what is wrong with Baby A's kidneys. However, he took us through a broad spectrum of possibilities from the not so bad to the worse case scenarios.

Aaron and I really liked this doctor! We learned he is the only pediatric kidney specialist in Des Moines and he was so personable and knowledgeable and really took his time with us and we appreciated that.

The next time we see him will be after the birth of the babies when he'll come do an ultrasound on Baby A and also some other tests to try to figure out what is causing the fluid around his kidneys. The most important thing though is that the kidneys are able to function. We continue to keep thinking positive thoughts that the kidneys are functioning and the problem can be fixed.

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