Saturday, February 26, 2011

Part III: The Tour

After our appointment, we headed over to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a tour of that. Aaron and I left with different feelings on how it went, which is kind of funny.

One of the charge nurses took us around and gave us a rundown of how things work up there. We learned things like: no matter what, if the babies are born 35 weeks or before they will go to the NICU and nobody under the age of 14 can be allowed in the NICU until May (because it's cold/flu season), which means the kids wouldn't be able to visit.

We did see a few babies in the rooms as we were walking by. Oh my gosh, they were just so tiny! I just wanted to cry. For someone who has had almost a 9 lb. baby and an almost 10 lb. baby, it's so hard to imagine having one half that size or smaller.

Aaron thought it was a good reality check to visit that place and it did nothing but scare me to death! I guess it gives me good inspiration to take it easy and put my feet up, so I can carry this babies as long as I can. The longer the better for sure.

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Girl in Baggy Greens said...

Very nice blog. My husband and I are going through the process of IVF at the moment. I'll be sure to follow you:-) All the best for your pregnancy.

Girl in Baggy Greens