Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Way back in July we spent four days in Minnesota for a long weekend.  My dad had invited us up to Frontenac for a couple days before we headed to Mankato for McCoy's birthday party.  
 Frontenac is in the Red Wing/Rochester area and has a TON of Hunecke family history there.  I love it  It's filled with old houses and trees and Lake Pepin and childhood memories. 
 My dad had his boat up there, so we took it out one afternoon.  It was beautiful.  The bluffs up there 
are just picturesque.  
 The bad news is that there is too much yucky stuff in lake water for Blake to go in.  I'll be honest, that sucks and that's putting it mildly.  I love the lake.  It's one of my happy places.  When I got the news that Blake couldn't go in I was and continue to be devastated. :(  Just one of those things I guess
 We cruised around for awhile and then parked at a sandbar. 
 We'll figure this out.  Like maybe Blake will be the boat driver or something? ;)  I don't know, but hopefully as he gets older we'll be able to reason with him about why he can't go in the water.  Grandpa let everybody take their turn driving.  The kids thought that was great!
Saturday morning we headed to Mankato for Super McCoy's 2nd birthday party!
 Aunt Mandy, party planner extraordinaire, had a super hero theme and everything was so cute, as usual.
 The day was spent hanging out, catching up, playing in the sprinkler, on the swing set, making superhero capes, hanging around the campfire, listening to awesome old songs and more. 

 The kids in their capes and the photo bomb by Uncle Justin.
Suns out, guns out.
 A fun weekend!  Always love time with family and it makes me wish we all lived a little closer.
P.S.  I know I missed yesterday, but five out of the last six days isn't too shabby!

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