Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hawk-Bur Games!

Back in July, our neighbor, Kim, asked if the kids would want to participate in an obstacle course to let the kids have fun.  She ended up calling it the Hawk-Bur games, our last names combined (Hawkins/Burdorf).  Kim was awesome and I wish I could take credit for any of the fun and laughter and giggles that took place in our neighborhood, but I can't.  It was all her.
 It was us vs. them.  The Hawkins vs. the Burdorfs.  Kim came up with an obstacle course that included a tarp with shaving cream, a tarp with paint and a tarp with cooked spaghetti noodles and vegetable oil.  The kids got to slide through it all!

 There was also string that the kids had to get underneath.  They had to carry an egg on the spoon and something else that I'm forgetting.
 It was funny because Brody, my laid-back kid, actually got a little competitive.  Him and Wade were pushing and shoving each other to get to the finish, but went back to laughing together as soon as they finished. :)

 The older kids were so excited for Whitney and Bowen they ran along side them the whole time.  It was cute that Bowen just kind of followed "Whit" around.  He may be smitten at only four years old.  Haha!

Kim put gummy bears in a whipped cream pie that the kiddos had to get out using just their mouth.  First one to get all ten out was the winner. 

 If you're wondering where Blake is, he was a party pooper who wasn't up for participating. :(  Bummer.
 When all was said and done, the kids were full of paint, shaving cream and whipped cream.  We got them naked in the backyard and hosed them down. 
We are so lucky to have neighbors that we get along with and I just love that our kids will have these memories forever!

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