Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a good Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Pretty laid back. No Christmas shopping was done at our house. ;)  No thank you!!

We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and Bowen helped us get ready by vacuuming. Teach them young, right?  My dad came up and we had a very laid back sort of day.  We had a ton of food that I shared with our neighbor and still were lucky enough to have a lot of leftovers. 
Jenna was in charge of the table decorating and was also a good help in the kitchen.  My favorite thing we made (for the first time ever!) was stuffed mushrooms.  We will be making those again. 

 Our afternoon was comprised of cards, naps and football watching.  We played some Bananagrams (love that game!) and cribbage. 
 The twins played on the iPad for awhile.  Yep...Blake's wearing Bowen's Hulk costume, because...why not?!
 This is where Mr. Burdorf could be found following lunch...
 Friday we had girls basketball photos in the morning.  It was good for the kids to run around the gym for awhile.  Then, it was home to watch the Hawks lose another football game. UGH!
 Friday night we headed to Des Moines to go through Jolly Holiday Lights.  We had gone every year since the twins were born (minus last year) and we love it.  It benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the kids really enjoy it. 
Saturday was the day to deck the halls.  Total chaos.

 Ornaments are one of my favorite things about Christmas.  We started a tradition three or four years ago with the kids where every year they each get a new ornament.  It's always fun to pull them out every year.  Baby's first Christmas.  Or our first Christmas together, back in 2003. 

 Because it was a ridiculous 50 degrees (bye, bye snow) on Saturday, Aaron went out and put up some lights on our fence.  And yes, I really wanted to keep our snow around that we got on Wednesday, because it's Christmas and I like snow for Christmas.  I just do. 
 While Aaron was putting up lights, the boys took advantage of the very last of the snow we had in our yard and proceeded to slide in it and ended up being muddy messes.  Showers x3!
 Also this weekend we spent time watching Christmas movies and playing games.  It was nice.  Does anybody else love the cheesey Hallmark Christmas movies that are on continuously this time of year? too!
 On a not so awesome note, Brody seems to have passed whatever bug he had on to Bowen and it hit the poor kiddo Sunday afternoon.  The rest of us were eating supper and I found him asleep like this.  So, we could have an interesting night ahead of us. :(
Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and have a great first week of December!

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