Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rock that Scar!

Many months ago, I saw another photographer post a photo of a shoot she had done for a little boy that had had open heart surgery.  The motto was, "I rock this scar!"  I immediately took a screenshot of it, sent it to Aaron with an excited text that said...We MUST do this with Blake!!!  

He agreed and then with so much going on, we kind of forgot about it.  Since Blake had his one year kidney-versary last week, it reminded me of this idea.  And, because Blake and all his health stuff is an entire Burdorf family thing, Jenna, Brody and Bowen got in on the action too.  

So, here are our photos from our shoot... "ROCK THAT SCAR!"

So determined to hold the guitar by himself... ;)  
 We're kind of like the Partridge family, aren't we?!
 This kid is a future drummer.  As much as I would love for him to play something out of the amazing brass family (I'm bias!), he just has a thing for the drums.  He plays and acts like he knows exactly what he's doing.  Plus, the music therapist at UIHC was always super impressed with his sense of rhythm!

 Aaron's editing handiwork.  Love it!

 Bowen impressed us with the fact that he could make noise on the trumpet.  Like, real life trumpet sounds.  He may have found his future instrument and I'm sure Grandpa Larry would be proud!

 It was a lot of fun, LOUD fun, but FUN!  Taking pics of my kiddos is always my fave. :)

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B + A said...

Love this! Especially Bowen's cheese smile!! :)