Monday, September 16, 2013

Iowa vs. ISU make a long story short, Aaron decided to see if he could get a press pass to Iowa State football for the season.  West Marshall has four alumni that are on the team, so I told him a story had to come out of it!  

He met with one of his former baseball players who was on the ISU football team and then due to injury, is now part of the coaching staff. Kody is a really good kid and I think the story Aaron wrote really shows that!

The bonus of this pass? The Hawks happened to play at Jack Trice this season.  Aaron took a bunch of pictures (371 to be exact) and these are ten of his favorites:

 Story on this picture below: Aaron felt a tap on his shoulder, turned around and there stood Herky.  Aaron thought he wanted a picture taken, but no.  Herky wanted to take Aaron's picture.  Apparently with a mascot costume, it's hard to focus. ;)

It's a HAWKEYE state!

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