Sunday, September 15, 2013

How about some pictures?!

I've been busy.  Like super busy.  Like I took the twins to daycare every single day last week.  That hasn't happened, maybe ever?!  I don't know.  Anyway, between work and picture taking and trying to, as I told Blake's doctor, "shove my entire life into last week because there was so much uncertainty," there was a lot going on. 

I realized on Saturday that I haven't posted any pictures on our blog since the end of August.  Unacceptable! ;) To be honest, I hadn't even taken any pictures of the kiddos with my good camera in September.  I KNOW.  On Saturday afternoon, I told Aaron that I wanted to go up to the football field in our Hawkeye gear and just take some fun pictures.  

Here's some of my favorites:
The twins "wrestle" constantly.  It's one of their favorite activities.  Last week during the Hawkeye game Blake's head hit the corner of the wall and there was blood gushing everywhere and we thought he was going to need stitches, but luckily Aaron got it to stop.  Five minutes after that Blake turned to Bowen and said with a big smile on his face, "Wrestle?!"  These two fear nothing!!

 Brody trying to outrun a very determined Bowen.
 Bowen.  And this face.  All the time.
 We had middle school football pictures last week and the kids were there.  Apparently Brody paid attention and wanted to pose like the big boys.  I can't even... Why does he have to look so big in this picture?

 Miss Photogenic. :)

 Dog pile on daddy!
 A rare moment.  Two cooperative two year olds.  I adore them.  I can't imagine how quiet our life would be without them.  Having twins is an experience I wouldn't trade for anything.
 Practicing our three point stance.
 Tackling...Sort of. ;)
 Aaron and his mini me.
This was my favorite picture of the day.  All four kids smiling means I should have maybe gone and bought a lottery ticket too or something.  Ha!
 It was a good weekend!  The Hawkeyes won, which means life is good!  Especially when you live as close to Ames as we do! ;)


Mary or Jerod said...

Augh! I love them, Hawkeye gear and all!

Kimberly said...

Awesome pictures! I especially love the story about the twins wrestling b/c I can totally atest to that....and it never goes away :)