Friday, December 21, 2012


We got our first major snowstorm in about two years here in Central Iowa.  It was GREAT!!  We here in State Center got about 13 inches and the wind, it was a whippin'.  Aaron and the kids didn't have school on Thursday or Friday, so Christmas break started a little early.

The thing about the snow is...Jenna and Brody LOVE it!  It makes me smile to see them smile about the snow.  Even though it's pretty cold out, the kids go out for short spurts and then come into warm up and then head back out.  At the end of today, I finally bundled up Blake and Bowen and took them out too.  They seemed to enjoy it.

Here are some pictures from our afternoon outside...
I just like the sun and the trees and the snow in this one.  Beauty of winter!
 The kids tried to "sled" down the hills our neighbor, Jon, made from his tractor. 

 A timeout to take a picture with the mom.  I think I had as much fun as the kiddos in the snow!
 I just realized looking at this picture that Brody has two stocking hats on.  Nice...
 The twins were kind of obsessed with the shovel.  And, Blake's mitten kept falling off!  See cold, freezing hand below. :)
 Blakers, looking adorable...
And Bowen, who loved the snow.  He was a miniature Brody toddling around...
 Was digging the black and white.

All four kids!  Looking at the camera!  Was this my lucky day?!  Probably. :)
 And...we're done here.  Cold hand.  Snow in the face.  It was fun while it lasted!

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