Thursday, December 27, 2012

Burdorf Christmas

On Saturday morning, after packing and packing and packing some more, we finally headed out to Sioux City for our Christmas with Aaron's side of the family.  The roads weren't too terrible and we made good time.  
We ended up having to finish up some shopping on Sunday and just hung out and relaxed.  We played the game Beat the Parents on Sunday night.  Have you heard of this?  I hadn't, but it was pretty fun and Jenna and Brody even got to play.

On Monday morning I met my college friend, Kristin, at Caribou Coffee.  First, I adore Caribou and always make a point to get a coffee there when I'm in Sioux City.  Second, Kristin and I hadn't seen each other for FIVE years!  Two hours later, I think we were pretty well caught up. :)

We have definite traditions at the Burdorfs.  Christmas Eve we go to church and when we get home, we take family pictures!  It's a must.  Here is the best of the bunch...
Jenna and I took a "girls picture" before church.  We tried to do a picture of the boys, but Bowen wasn't having it.  And, don't be afraid friends, your eyes aren't deceiving you.  That is me.  In a dress.  I think it's the first time I've worn one for Christmas since about...1999...haha!
 Aubrey and Blakers had some fun writing on the white board.  They were pretty cute!
 After the family pictures, we all change to some comfy clothes and make supper.  Supper is yummy appetizers like Aunt Jill's Rotel Dip, Aaron's man candy, my cream cheese wraps, a veggie tray and a meat and cheese tray.  We don't starve, let's just say that. :)
 These three monkeys were so stinkin' adorable in their Christmas pjs, just playing in the middle of the kitchen floor completely oblivious to the chaos around them. 
 Grandpa Frank spoiled us with some really good beer! Some Leinenkugels.  He enjoyed some along with some man candy.
 Present time!!

And, guess who found my empty beer bottle?  Yep, Mr. Bowen...
 Having boys = trucks
 Photo bombed by Blake!
 Jenna was so excited that Santa brought her a Furby!  I can't decide if I think they are cool or creepy...
 Bowen liked Cousin Addy's sparkly boots
 We played cards.  Lots of cards.  I love that!  Grandma Linda taught the youngsters to play UNO, so many games of that were played. 
 Addy was a lean, mean winning machine!
 During the games of UNO, Adam and Aaron were SUPER excited to do the dishes. ha.
 Since the guys did the dishes Aunt Jill and I decided to join in on the UNO fun. 
 And then, it was a two hour marathon game of Phase 10.  Aaron ended up winning that.  Sorta.  We sort of cheated to get the game over with!
 I think Santa did really good with this gift.  The kids are loving it!  Popcorn, m&ms and movies. 
Here they were watching a little 'Home Alone,' on Christmas night.

 And, then it got interrupted by a flying Blake...
 And a daddy versus three boys wrestle fest.
 We had a great four days in Sioux City!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for letting us disrupt your quiet lives with all of our chaos. :)

Here is our Christmas 2012 family photo.  We hope your Christmas was just as merry as ours!

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