Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas time!

Christmas is just a week away as I type this.  I'm not sure that I'm really ready, but Dec. 25th will come regardless if I'm ready or not! :)  We've been keeping busy around the Burdorf house trying to get in the Christmas spirit.  

One of the things we've done is start a new tradition.  Since the kiddos are always asking me how many days are left until Christmas I went to the library and checked out 20 children's books about Christmas and wrapped up 10 for Jenna and 10 for Brody.  And then, I wrote numbers on them from 10 to 1.  Each day they get to open a "new book" to read.  They LOVE it!  They get so excited to see what their book of the day is.  
A little story time.  Bowen is a cheeseball!
Jenna's first book was "Bear Stays Up for Christmas." I love those books.
Another activity around our house is a little crafting.  Every year I like to make an ornament of some kind with the kids.  Every year we pull them out and put them on the tree. This year, I just found these cheap wooden ornaments at JoAnn Fabrics. 
The final products.  Jenna, Brody, Aaron (yes, I made him do one!) and I all did one.  Next year, I think the twins will be ready to start participating.
Sunday Aaron went to Ames for a couple of gifts and Blake prescriptions, so the kiddos put together a Grinch craft with my help.  The Grinch song is one of their favorites and Jenna likes the "real" Grinch movie and Brody the cartoon.  Here they are with their final products.  The mean faces were their idea!  These two crack me up!
Can you really have the Christmas season without a church program?  I think not.  Ours was a crossover between "The Night Before Christmas" and the story of Jesus' birth.  Jenna was a mouse and Brody a shepherd.
Singing some songs.  Brody looks enthused, doesn't he?!
Jenna in deep concentration... She had four sentences in a row.  She practiced all day.  Can you say oldest child perfectionistic tendenencies?!  LOL...I can relate!   She spoke slowly and clearly and messed up on one word, but kept her composure and corrected herself.
Afterward, I told her I was proud of her and she said, "Mom, you couldn't see it but my eyes were all watery because I was so nervous!"
'Tis the season to do some baking!  Here's my easy treat that everybody loves.  What you need: 1. Pretzel 2. Rolo 3. M&Ms.  That's it.  350 degree oven and bake the rolos for about 3 minutes or until just soft.  Take them out of the oven and put the M&M in the center. 
Star cookies are my FaVe!!!  I just put this picture on here because Brach's took the recipe off the package last year and it was devastating to me!  Now, if they pull that stunt again I have record of it on the blog.  :)
Aaron captured this photo of the boys.  Love, Love, Love!!!
And, I'd really wish this would happn...
It's Christmas!  I was born in Minnesota!  Raised in Northern Iowa!  What else can I say?  I dig the white stuff for the holidays.  They are saying maybe Wednesday or Thursday.  *Fingers crossed*

Are you ready for Christmas?  Are you feeling the holiday spirit?  I sure hope so!

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