Friday, December 14, 2012

Instagram Friday Catch-up

It's FRIDAY!  And, since it's Friday and I need to catch you all up on what we've been up to, I thought I would post some pictures for Instagram Friday.  Also, I have to confess that when I was looking through my photos I don't have a ton taken with my real camera.  I guess I better get that thing out and use it a little more in the upcoming weeks!

In November, our friend Scott hooked us up with four tickets to the Iowa State vs. Minnesota State Men's basketball game.  My dad and Linda watched the twins for us, so it was a nice afternoon with Jenna and Brody.
Although we may root for the team in Iowa City (Go Hawks!), we did have a fun afternoon.  And, we had to get a couple of Clone Cones when we were at Hilton.  That is some good soft serve ice cream right there.
 We had a small bout of the flu hit our house. Somehow, this mom was the only one who managed to avoid it.  We're praying we have a healthy holiday season!
Aaron had his birthday!  This year, it fell on Black Friday, so on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I baked him some treats to share with the staff at the middle school.  He's a pretty lucky guy like that!  Haha!
 We went to Minnesota for Thanksgiving for the first time in YEARS!  It was so awesome.  We got to see people we hadn't seen forever and got to catch-up.  I had always wanted to do a run on Thanksgiving morning and Hastings actually held one.  Over 3,000 runners competed in the 8K and 2K runs.  The weather was so perfect and now I can say I did my first Thanksgiving run and my first 8K! Gobble, gobble...
 We stayed in Minnesota until Saturday morning and when we got home Aaron decided we should do a little holiday baking.  His favorite is always fudge.  For the first time in five years, our fudge actually turned out!
 Mr. Blake had a blow-out at daycare and ended up being pantless.  He just looked too cute...
 Bowen is still being his ornery self.  This was taken a Saturday morning when we were just hanging out.
Aaron and I have been busy taking sports photos at the middle and high school.  It's been keeping me busy during the early mornings, naptimes and after the kiddos go to bed.  This was the wrestling poster I was working on...
 For the first time ever, I put the boys in bibs.  I was dying over how stinkin' cute these little monkeys were!
 Brody keeps me on my toes in the mornings when we are at home together.  I laughed when I turned around while making breakfast and saw him lounging in the high chair. He looks so much like his daddy it is freaking me out!
 Jenna had her Christmas concert a couple of weeks ago.  She was so excited to be sparkly!  I love that girl.  We even put hot rollers in her hair and she looked way too grown up for my liking.
 We got our first snow!  Ok, it was only like an inch, but it was so beautiful last Sunday.  Jenna and Brody ran outside to play in it and were throwing snowballs at each other almost instantly.
 The weather has been insanely nice for December!  I haven't been running as much as I want because I've been busy and it gets dark so ridiculously early, but  on this day I took the twins with me.  That definitely makes for a good workout!
 I will leave you with this gorgeous Iowa sunset I snapped on our way to Ames one night...
That's just a quick look at what we've been up to.  I PROMISE to try to do a better job keeping up with the blog.  I have another post in mind that I will try to get up over the weekend.

This weekend is going to involve some Christmas shopping, basketball reffing and a church Christmas concert among other things.  It should be busy!  Have a great weekend everybody!! :)

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