Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rough 24 hours

So, we had a rough 24 hours at our house. Monday afternoon at work I started to feel sick to my stomach. I came home after I finished the paper and sipped on some 7up. I felt like I was flu sick, but nothing ever happened.

The West Marshall girls made it to state and we played the late game (8:30 pm), so Aaron went down with Jay and the two of them were going to cover the game for the paper. Halfway through the Estherville-Hull game I got a text from Aaron saying he didn't feel well. Next thing you know I'm getting more texts about how he can't keep anything down. Awesome.

Meanwhile, back in State Center, Jenna would not leave the bathroom because her stomach hurt. Same deal. Emptying the stomach.

I felt so bad for Aaron, who had the sweats and then the chills. I felt really bad for Jay, who drove our van home at about 80 mph and still had to make two stops for Aaron. What a mess. Needless to say, those two did not attend school Tuesday. As for me, by some miracle, I avoided it, as did Brody and the twins (knock on wood).

Tuesday afternoon everybody started feeling better, so since we were all home, we stayed busy in the house. Jenna read books. She loves Mercer Mayer books and she is getting to be a very good reader.
Brody is just a goofball who likes to dress up. This time it was Aaron's hat and hunting gloves.
We did a craft with mini marshmallows. Dip one side in paint and the other in glue and the kids made a picture of whatever they wanted.
During craft time/naptime for daddy/exersaucer time for the twins, I made these 5-ingredient cookies. So good and so easy.
Here was Jenna's marshmallow pic - she made a "B" with a smiley face, sun and grass.
Blakers loves to give high fives. It's cute. He also loves to suck on fruit puffs and then spit them out. I guess he was saving this one for later?!
And then there's this guy. He loves to smile like this and then...
Close his eyes and laugh like you are the funniest person on the face of the planet. Hilarious. He has the best laugh.
Everybody is back in school. Last day of school is tomorrow and Aaron has conferences tomorrow nite. No school Friday. Ahhh...wishing for the weekend!

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