Friday, April 15, 2016

Recovery mode

We are in recovery mode this week at our house.  Last week was no fun at all. 

At the beginning of the week, I got a call from school that Bowen's lymph nodes were huge.  I picked him up, did a double-take because they WERE huge and called the doctor right away.  We were able to be squeezed in at 4 PM in Ames and the doctor then did a double-take at how big his neck was.

Long story short - positive for strep AND mono.  Now, this would be not awesome under any circumstances, but when you have an immuno-suppressed child, YIKES.  Keeping Blake as healthy as can be is a chore.  He doesn't get it and gets in Bowen's face and wants to take a bite of things he's eating and there I am freaking out like a crazy person - "Put that down right now!!! You're going to get sick!"

Bowen was home the rest of the week and the boys' birthdays were on Friday.  Friday morning about 2 AM Blake woke us up with a, "My belly hurts!"  That was followed up with some throwing up and rubbing his back while he puked in a bowl.  Good times.

Friday was miserable. Blake kept saying his belly hurt and had a hard time keeping anything down.  It's scary because he can't get dehydrated because that kidney needs to stay happy.  Blake just wanted to cuddle.  Both boys wanted to sleep.  I felt so terrible they turned the big five and there they were....sick.  I told them they got a redo.

Tuesday morning I took Jenna and Brody in for check-ups since they hadn't been for awhile.  I asked Dr. Nau to take a quick peak at Blake's eyes and sure enough - pink eye.  I was like, seriously?!

So, more medicine and another trip to the pharmacy.

**Knock on wood**  Things seem to be on the up and up.  That's a hard thing about big families.  If one person is sick, it's hard to keep it away from everybody else.

I'm praying the sunshine and fresh air works its magic and we can be done with this.  I am thankful though because we did have a very good winter with staying healthy!

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