Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pie in the Face!

Waaaaay back on March 19th we had our annual Burdorf Birthday Bash! As always, we packed a ton of fun stuff into a short period of time.  We had an Easter Egg Hunt, played hockey, played knockout, played volleyball, watched basketball, ate too much, opened presents, ate some more and....played Pie in the Face!

I'm sure you all have seen these videos that people post and we were lucky enough to have a friend gift us the game.  It was an instant hit at our house and I knew we wanted to play it for the birthdays.  We did a kid round and an adult round and the top two from each round had a face off.

You can do whatever you want, but we passed it around the table and when you got hit with pie in the face, you were out.  Whoever was the last man standing without pie in the face was the winner.  Blake and Uncle Mitch were their respective round champions.  When all was said and done... Uncle Mitch reigned victorious!!

Let me also say that a select handful of people who shall remain nameless did NOT want to participate and I kind of made them.  If you're at my house, then you know there's a chance Jamie will make you play games.  That's just how I roll!

I have about 400 more pictures, but who doesn't like to see pie in somebody's face?!  Here are some of the best ones...  ENJOY!

A big thanks to our family for always making this weekend so special and so much fun!  We love you guys!!

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