Sunday, May 8, 2016

The way I see it....

 Being a Mom
Mother’s Day is Sunday.  Have you thought about it?  Have something planned?  I was just thinking about what to get my mom yesterday.  I’m always very last minute though.  I try to be better about planning, but it never happens.  
What can you say about your mom?  What can you say about being a mom?  It’s hard and awesome all at the same time.  When you think about everything you do as a mom, it kind of overwhelms you.  We do all the things, as I like to say.

You know what I think is a really crappy thing this day and age when it comes to being a mom?  Pinterest.  Social media in general.  You go on there and if you’re like me, you browse things and then tend to finish up feeling less than adequate. I don’t do super cute crafts.  I don’t cut their sandwiches into cute shapes, like hearts or dinosaurs for their lunches.  I just don’t have the time or ambition at this stage of the game.
Me?  I’m thrilled my kids and I made it through another day.  Honestly?  Some days I have to do my mental check list on when the last time my kids took a shower.  Was it yesterday or two days ago?!

Sometimes, when we’re really busy with ball practices, I’ll make a crockput full of chicken for tacos and nachos at the beginning of the week.  It’s been overheard at my house being said, “Are we having chicken nachos again?”  I smile and respond that they aren’t starving so they will eat it because it’s 7:30 PM and I have no other plan.  
Even though some days are easier than others, isn’t it safe to say that we are all unique in our own way?  Me?  I’m not a dance mom. I could never be one, it’s not my thing.  I’m not a mom that’s going to teach my kids to sew or knit.  These are not bad things, they just aren’t my things.

Me?  I’m all about cooking and baking with my kids.  I like to rock out to crazy music and have dance parties in the kitchen.  I can teach them how to throw a baseball or softball or teach them post moves in basketball.  I love being outside with them and going on nature walks.  
I  think we put so much pressure on ourselves as moms to do it all and be everything to everybody and it’s just not possible.  It’s ok that I can’t sew.  It’s ok that you despise baseball.  We are who we are.  It doesn’t make one of us better than the other.

We are moms, who are continually thinking that we are are screwing our kids up every single day (or maybe that’s just me?).  That we are being too easy on them.  Too hard on them.  Expecting too much.  Expecting too little.  
The best thing about being a mom?  Our kids love us.  They do.  Even when they roll their eyes or stomp up the stairs or act like you’ve asked the world of them when you want them unload the dryer.  So all you moms out there, keep doing the best you can.  That’s all you can do and your kids will love you for that reason and that reason alone.
 I know I always share this quote around Mother’s Day, but it’s my favorite and a great reminder.  “There's no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to 
be a good one.” 
 Happy, Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there, but that’s just the way I see it. 

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