Monday, December 28, 2015

Hunecke Family Christmas

Christmas has come and gone and I still haven't blogged about our Hunecke Christmas that was December 12th.  I hope to get the blog caught up over this week!  Things are a bit more laid back the next few days.
We take turns hosting every year and this year, it was our turn.  Which was nice (no travel!) and stressful (cleaning, planning, etc).  All went well though once everybody got to our place.  
Everybody arrived at around NOON on Saturday and the last of my family left at 10 AM on Sunday.  It was short and sweet, but a great time.  
Last year we were in Mankato and we had so much fun going to the Kiwanis Light display I was feeling a little bit of pressure to do something super fun for everybody.   My family is loud and crazy and a ton of fun.  We also may be a tad bit competitive.  Because of the reasons mentioned, I spent the week leading up to our Christmas trying to find Christmas-related games that we could play.  

We made it a battle of the sexes sort of thing and kept track of points.  I also made it kid friendly so they could jump in every few games between playing with cousins to participate as well.

 Chaos in the kitchen.
Here are the games we played:
1.  Snowball fight:  We used giant marshmallows and tried to throw them threw the center of a wreath.  Most ‘mallows through the wreath wins.  Sidenote:  I was terrible at this game.  Super terrible.  The men’s team destroyed us at this.
2. Penguin walk: The object is to keep a balloon in-between your legs (walking like a penguin) and you race wherever you decide.  This was harder than it sounded and the kids loved it.

 Things got a tad competitive...
3. Humdinger: Put a minute on the clock.  Put a bunch of different songs into a baggie.  Like the name implies, you hum the Christmas song and whoever guesses it goes to the front to do the next one.  The women’s team completely dominated this game!  It was one of our faves and I was sorry we ran out of songs.
4. Christmas Catchphrase: This was a variety of Christmas stuff like songs or things you during Christmas time and you had a bunch in a baggie and you had to describe them to your team without saying the words on the piece of paper.  A minute on the clock and whoever guessed it right went to the front to describe it.  Another good one.
5. Candy cane relay: This game was hilarious!  Everybody got in a line and had a candy cane in their mouth.  The object was to pass one candy cane to the end of your line and back again using the candy cane like a hook and no hands allowed.  
6. Family Feud - Christmas style: I found this one on-line (like I did the others) and they had ten questions and we did it like the real game.  Face-offs between significant others, trying to get the steal. trying to avoid three strikes, deciding if you were going to pass or play.  This was definitely a hit!  I highly recommend it.

 I have no words for these outlaws.  Married into the family and they're kind of the three musketeers.  We love 'em.
Games.  Laughter.  Presents.  Way too much food. Memories.  Quality time.  More food.  More laughter.  These are my people and I wouldn't trade them.  

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