Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Super great news!

Blake had an appointment on Monday in Iowa City and since Monday is my "paper day" Aaron took Blake down.

The first appointment was an ultrasound of Blake's kidney and bladder and a consult with urology.  Dr. Storm said everything looked stable from six months ago and to keep on keepin' on.  Aaron commented how great it was that he was able to pee on his own.  Dr. Storm apparently just shook his head and said, yet again, "But he's not supposed to be able to pee."

There are some things you just have to roll with.  Don't question it, just be glad.  Be thankful. 

Blake also had to have an iron infusion and meet with Dr. Jetton.  Dr. Jetton thought all looked well and she made just one med dosage adjustment.  She also said Blake didn't have to go back to see her (as long as all is well) for SIX MONTHS.  SIX MONTHS!!

When Aaron told me that I pretty much teared-up.  For a kid who could barely stay out of the hospital for 48 hours, SIX MONTHS just blows my mind. Happy heart for this mama!

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