Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy (belated) Halloween!

A very belated Happy Halloween to you all!  Halloween this year was different.  We had my Grandma June's funeral on Saturday morning in Hastings.  After the funeral and luncheon, we headed back to Mankato for trick-or-treating.  Maddox's birthday was supposed to be on Saturday, but we had to push it back until Sunday. 

Anyway, I tried my hardest to get a theme out of my four just one more year.  No dice.  I thought I was close in getting them to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they all copped out on me the week before Halloween.  I was picking my battles and just going with it.  Without further ado, here are the Burdorf family's costumes for this year...

Brody - FBI Agent
 Bowen - Spiderman (same exact costume Brody wore last year)
 Jenna - Farmer
 Blake - Buzz Lightyear

 My four.  Typical chaos.
 Jess, Mitch, Carter and Baby Carson.
We sort of didn't realize that the adults were also supposed to dress up, so we made do.  Jess and I ran to Target and literally grabbed the last costumes they had - flapper costumes.  Justin and Mandy had these gorilla costumes laying around, so that worked for Aaron and Justin.
 Jess, Mandy the Maleficent and me.

 This is what happens when we try to get a group kid photo - the gorillas, aka dads, causing a ruckus.

 Justin, Mandy, Maddox and McCoy
 McCoy was the custest monkey ever.  Seriously ever.
While it wasn't a traditional Halloween, we all agreed this would probably by the Halloween our kids would be most likely to remember because they all go to be together.  It wasn't the most ideal of circumstances, but I think the kids had a blast and I'm thankful they could make those memories.

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