Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Numero Uno

We had the Hunecke/Heater/Burdorf/Knippel Christmas weekend in Mankato the weekend of the 13th and 14th.  Aaron had to ref Friday night, so we weren't able to head up until Saturday and we celebrated with my mom on Saturday and my dad on Sunday. 
 It was unseasonably mild in Minnesota, unfortunately.  Justin kept texting us to hurry up and get there because the snow was melting quickly.  By the time we made it to Mankato, it was 50 degrees!! 
 Saturday was spent drinking wine, eating cookies and catching up with family. 
 My mom, Bill and the whole crew. 
 The comedy started when we tried to get a Grandma Jo and grandkids pic.  Total chaos.
 The best we got! haha.
 Saturday night we went to Sibley Park for the Kiwanis Light show.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  Seriously, there was no way you could walk through the park and not feel the Christmas spirit!

 We decided we should wait in line to see Santa since the line wasn't terribly long.
 Our four and Mr. Claus
 And then the fun began.  Carter wanted no part of it.  I love the look on Santa's face.
 And...the photo that may haunt poor McCoy for years!  Classic.

 Sunday, it was Grandpa Larry's turn.  We played many hands of UNO and Sequence. 
 After a yummy meal, it was time for presents round two. 
 Carter loves his cousin Jenna. :)
 And, it's not a complete day until all three Burdorf boys are all wrestling.  All day loooonggggg. 
 And of course wrestling fan Aunt Mandy had to get in on the action. 
It was a good weekend.  Too short, as always, but still a lot of fun and always a good time with family. :) 

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