Thursday, April 24, 2014

Low-Key Easter

We had a Happy Easter at the Burdorfs!  It was the first holiday we've been out of the hospital and all together since Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving.  Crazy, right?!  To say we were happy to be at home and together is probably the biggest understatement ever.
A few days before Easter we planted some jelly beans along our fence in the front yard.  Do you know what grows when you plant jelly beans?  The kids didn't either, so we had to find out.
Yes, they were trying to dig a hole with a plastic snow shovel - ha!
After seeing what the Easter Bunny brought us, we headed to church and I was able to snap a few pics of my favorite four.  I got these two cute ones after Bowen decided he was going to quit throwing his fit. ;)
 They were saying, "Easter!!!"
 Jenna and I had to get a picture together since we had kind of dressed a like for church. 
 And this is what the jelly beans grew!  Suckers.  The kids were trying to figure out how this happened and in the end determined it was the work of the Easter Bunny.
 We are still in "we can't go far from Iowa City at this point in time mode" for anything, so we headed to my dad's in Knoxville for lunch.  It was such a nice day we played outside pretty much the entire time. 

 The Easter Bunny brought the two oldest new gloves, so we had to try them out with some batting practice and a little catch. 


Peas in a pod, Bowen and Brody.

 We tried fish-tailing Jenna's hair for the first time ever for church.  It looked pretty cute and better than this picture shows after church and playing outside.
Grandpa Larry has a cement circle in his backyard and the kids loved riding their two tractors and tricycle around and around and around...

 Hanging out in the cool basement with Grandpa. 
 I wanted to try to find my copy of, "Charlotte's Web," I had as a kid for Jenna and I to read together.  When ended up also finding all of my Baby-sitter's Club Books!  Apparently, I had a few of them...;)  They were the BEST books.  Jenna and I took home an entire box of the BSC books - regular books, mysteries, super specials.  I'd say we have enough to keep her busy reading for awhile.
 When we got home, we couldn't just sit inside you know.  We had to play outside some more!  The twins got these little dirt bikes for their birthdays, so they kept riding up and down the driveway. 

 These two. :)
Overall, it was a great weekend together.  I love that word!  Lots of time together.  Playing outside together.  Quality time together.  Woo-hoo for being all TOGETHER!!!

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