Thursday, April 3, 2014

Outside at last!

Last weekend was so nice!  We were all home and we all decided to spend some quality time outside.  Brody's birthday was the 28th and he got this T-bolt rocket blaster thing.  It is supposed to shoot 150 feet into the air. 
 The kids were dying to try it, so we headed up to the practice football field to give it a go.  We had some technical difficulties at first and couldn't get it to launch. 

Finally, we got it!!  Brody was one excited kid!
 Jenna and Brody kept trying to catch it when it was close to landing.  They didn't seem to care that right on the box it said not to! ;)
 Everybody wanted a turn trying to launch the rocket.  Blakers waited patiently.
 Bowen was funny.  On the outskirts of the grassy airy was a culvert and he was convinced that their were alligators in there.  I mean, if big sister tells him that it must be true, right?!

 Bowen and Brody are my rough and tumble boys.  Always wanting to tackle and wrestle with you. Mama under attack!
 Blake and his bow legs.  They are just so him.  There's a nursing assistant who met us the day before transplant and she fell in love with his legs. They are now buddies.  He's legs and she's sassy!

 Such a beautiful day!  All four kids were able to burn off some pent up energy from the LONG winter.  The winter that doesn't seem to want to end.  My sympathies to you NW Iowans and Minnesotans reading this.  Yuck!
 Anyway, Brody is convinced he is the fastest person in the family.  Him and Jenna split races.  I will say, he is getting faster!
 The kids thought it would be fun for me and Aaron to race.  Real cool kiddos.  Guess what?  I lost.  I'm still slow and that was ridiculously unfair. ;) 
News from the day:  Blake had labs in Ames and we didn't have to go to Iowa City!  His WBC is still a little high out of normal range, but it did go down since the last time they checked.  I had a tiring day with my two monkeys at home today, so I'd say Blake is feeling just fine!!

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