Friday, May 2, 2014

The kids' actual birthday days!

I'm only like, two months behind here, but since it's my blog and I can do what I want, I'm going to! ;)  I felt like all of the kids' birthdays were extra, extra special this year and since this is my journal, I wanted to be able to have memories of what we did.  And, this is probably going to be long.  So here we go...

JENNA - MARCH 14TH - 8 is great!

Blake was in the hospital for Jenna's birthday.  I knew at the beginning of the week it wasn't looking good for us to be home.  I was about ready to have a meltdown about it to be honest with you.  Our friend, Jay, called and asked if he could do anything.  I asked if he would be willing to bring Jenna to Iowa City and then hang out with Blake while we went out for lunch.  He agreed!

After some Child Life activity in the morning, we headed out for lunch.  Lunch was Steak 'n Shake, Jenna's choice.  Burgers, fries and shakes...need I say more?  After that we hit up the mall for a new birthday outfit and got some stuff for the root beer floats she was having for her class treat on the following Monday (since she skipped school to hang out with mom!).  What was nice was that I could just talk to Jenna with no interruptions.  After the crazy months prior, we didn't get a lot of quality time together.  On her birthday, we did.
 When we got back to the hospital, the art therapist stopped by, so Blake and Jenna made this monster together.  I love the bond these two share!
 I made Jenna pose for pictures before she left me.  I can't believe how grown-up she is.  I can't believe my first born is eight.  Eight!  Happy Birthday Jenna, you are one-of-a-kind!
BRODY - MARCH 28TH - Super 6!
Brody was very concerned about whether or not I was going to be home for his birthday.  One night when we were talking on the phone while at the hospital he asked me.  Broke my heart.  I hate that my kids should even have to worry about this.  It turns out we weren't in the hospital - yay!

Friday was Brody's big day and I surprised him by having lunch with him at school.  He saw me and said, "Mom, what are you doing here?!" *biggest smile ever*
 On Saturday, I thought it was only fair that Brody get a special few hours with mom, just like Jenna did.  My plan was to go to Sky Zone in Des Moines and then to lunch.  Well, Sky Zone was sold out for like three hours! 

It's always good to have a plan B!  I asked Brody if he wanted to go to Perfect Games (bowling, arcade games) in Ames or to Bass Pro Shop.  He picked Bass Pro Shop. I mean, that place is pretty awesome... :)
 We literally were there for an hour and a half.  Looking at fish and animals, checking out some Duck Dynasty stuff, picking out which 4-wheeler and boat we wanted :) and playing some hunting games.  We played hunting games forever and I'm sure we could have stayed there longer. 
 Did I mention we tried on hats?  Yes, I would pick the dorkiest one I could find... ha!  We then headed to Ames to eat at Brody's favorite - Texas Roadhouse.  After way too much food, we headed home to bring the leftovers to the rest of the gang.
Happy Birthday Brody!  I love the way your mind is always working and you have, hands-down, the best smile ever!! :)

For the second Burdorf Birthday in a row, we were blessed to be home!!  HOME. One of my favorite words ever.  With everybody at school all day, it was just Blake and Bowen and me hanging out at home. 
They got this gator for their birthday and they are smitten with it.  They can think of nothing else when going outside except this gator. This looks like trouble...!

 This picture, it's so them.  I love how they are alike, but so different.  How they function so well together, but can make it a part.  I guess it's a twin thing.
 I cannot have a birthday pass without getting teary-eyed.  Especially this year.  I thought about, briefly, on their birthday, about the scary day and what might have been.  I had so many prayers of thanks April 8th, I just can't even tell you. 
This is a crazy, hard, emotional, but oh-so-worth it, journey we are on.  I wouldn't trade it.  I wouldn't trade these twins for anything in the whole wide world.  They are who they are and that's what makes them great. 
I say it every year and I'll say it again...Blake and Bowen, you are the best things I never knew I wanted!  I love you both, you are the best!

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