Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Surgery Day

Disclaimer: These photos have ZERO to do with this post.  I just took them right before Blake's surgery at home because the boys had never showered together.  They had so much fun!  I love these "twin" moments. :)
 Anyway, surgery day.  Blake was supposed to have surgery at 9 AM.  At 9:45 AM they still hadn't come to get him yet and the nurse came in and said it would be another 45 minutes.  At 10:30 AM the anesthesiologist took a crying Blake back for surgery.  
 I will say I was very grateful how they communicated with us for surgery.  At 11:10 AM, we were told they had started the procedure.  The room was scheduled for Blake's surgery for 2.5 hours.  Imagine our surprise when they came and told us at noon that he was already in recovery!
 We headed up to recovery where we found a not-so-happy little boy who was crying, screaming and fighting with the nurse.  I immediately took him and tried to console him, although it was challenging. 
 Shortly thereafter, we were taken to our room.  They gave Blake Tylenol for the pain and he was pretty happy going in and out of sleep on our laps, which was fine with us. 
 Dr. Jetton ordered an x-ray done to check and see what his catheter looked like.  She showed us the x-ray of the old one and the new one.  The catheter looks great.  And, like she said, let's hope it works as good as it looks!
 The surgeon suggested giving Blake 24 hours to heal a little.  So, no dialysis until Thursday morning.
 His normal fill volumes for each of his cycles is 500 mL, but they will start him at 100 mL and work him up slowly to make sure the catheter isn't leaking and also make sure it's draining well.
 We still have no idea how long we'll be here.  I just depends on how things go with the dialysis.  Prayers for an awesomely working catheter!!
The best part of the day was when we got to Face Time with Jenna, Brody and Bowen.  Grandma Linda said Jenna cried today because she misses us.  Breaks my heart.  It was great to hear their voices and see their smiles and hear their laughter. :) 

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Kimberly said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. Will continue to send good vibes your way!!