Thursday, July 11, 2013

Long 4th of July Weekend!

We headed to see the Burdorfs - both sets - over the long 4th of July weekend.  We started at Frank and Linda's and got there on the 4th since Aaron had to umpire the night before.  Once we got there things were great!  It was the getting there that made it L-O-N-G. 
 On our way into town, we stopped at Sonic for lunch.  Have you been there?  Do you love their commercials?  Jenna has been wanting to go so bad, but the one in Marshalltown closed, as did the one in Iowa City.  Bummer.  Anyway, we got a double dose as we went to Sonic on the 4th and also for Happy Hour while we were in Omaha!  Good stuff!
 Grandma had a ton of bubbles, so the kids loved those.  The twins also loved to dump them out.   Luckily, grandma was patient!  Aaron made bubbles and the kids were trying to bat them down.
 Also, the kids practiced their hitting and Jenna wanted to try to hit left-handed.  And did really good!  What the heck is that?!  Now we're all confused about which way she should hit...
 Grandpa and Blake were clearly having an intense conversation. :)
 I tried to do that whole 4 on the 4th thing.   Yeah... try number two.
 And try number 12 (approximately). FAIL. 
 Us.  On the 4th.  We were much more cooperative. Ha!  Photo courtesy: Miss Jenna.
 The night of the 4th, Frank and Linda took Jenna and Brody to an Explorers baseball game.  Fireworks followed.  Guess what?  The game went 12 innings!  But, Jenna and Brody both knew the Explorers won and how they won (walk-off HR). 
A quick snap before we said good-bye.
 Saturday we went to the Omaha Zoo, along with about 10,000 other people.  It was a busy place.  Aaron was sad to see this, all that remains of Rosenblatt Stadium after they tore it down.
 Brody and Addy were watching the bear.  The bear was watching Brody and Addy.
 Juice break.  It was hot.
 The goats at the petting zoo were a favorite. 
 Bowen was all about brushing the goats.
 As we were walking out of the petting zoo, we saw Aaron's cousin, Anny and her family!  Small world.  The kids also loved all the misting devices around the zoo.

 After we got home, Uncle Adam set-up the sprinkler and the slip-n-slide.  Lots of laughter!

 It got a little congested at times on the slip-n-slide!
On Sunday, my mom and Bill drove to Omaha and met us at I-Hop for breakfast.  It's been too long since we've seen them.  I missed my mama!  (sorry for the blurry photo.  Fingerprints on my phone.)
It was a nice weekend with family and it was nice to just get away from home for awhile.  Thanks to our family for having us!!

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