Friday, July 26, 2013

Dialysis, Day 2

 Friday.  Dialysis with the new catheter day two.  Things went well!  They upped Blake's fill volume to 200 mL and hooked him back up to his cycler.  It's amazing how fast he drains with the new catheter!  Seven hours of dialysis today.  Seven hours of keeping this munchkin occupied.  I have to say, he is such a trooper and did great!
When Blake isn't hooked-up to his feeding machine or dialysis, we like to walk.  Or go for rides.  A lot.   We all go a little stir crazy if we don't.  They had these cute little cars for me to push him around.  Below is the massive construction project of the new children's hospital that is set to open in 2016.  Exciting stuff.  Off to the right you can see Kinnick Stadium.  Blake LOVES all the dirt, bulldozers, etc.
 On our floor he found this cool John Deere trike.  Up and down the halls.  Up and down the halls. 
And today, we had special visitors!  Two players from the Cedar Rapids Kernels baseball team (an affiliate of the MN Twins) and a coach stopped by our room to say hi.  They were super nice!  They even signed a little baseball for Blake that he kept throwing over and over and over again...
One of the best pics ever?!  Yes, I think so!!!

Happy news:  I got a text from our nurse, Jen, tonite and she said if Blake's labs look good tomorrow we get to come home! Technically, I am already home.  I got home about 5:30 PM tonite, but Aaron and Blake are still in Iowa City.  Please think happy thoughts, cross your fingers (and toes!) and pray that all looks good tomorrow morning!

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