Saturday, June 8, 2013

Aaron's Appointment

If you all remember in this post here we told you that Aaron had a few issues that would keep him from being Blake's donor.  Well, he had an appointment a couple of weeks ago that I didn't blog about where the surgeon he met with said he saw no reason that Aaron COULDN'T be Blake's donor.  I tried to tell myself to not get my hopes up too much, because if I have learned anything, it's that things can change quickly.

So, we spent a couple of weeks trying to get Blake's surgeon (who said Aaron couldn't be the donor) to communicate with Aaron's doctor (who said he could).  What happened was we got an email from the transplant coordinator saying that they had received his records from Mayo and that the doctor said Aaron's case was "more complicated" than originally thought.  Note to doctors out there: don't say something like that via email.  It causes worry.

Anyway, Aaron went down Friday and the doctor mainly discussed Aaron being Blake's donor.  Or not, as the case may be.  The golden rule of organ donation is that you would never do anything to put the donor in any harm.  For Aaron, a couple of his numbers are indicating he may have diabetes later in life, which could be trouble for his kidneys.  If he only had one, that is worrisome to the doctors.

Secondly, with this weird Castleman's Syndrome that he has, in about 10% of the cases the person may have hepatitis.  We are waiting for bloodwork to confirm that Aaron doesn't have it, but obviously, we wouldn't want that passed on to Blake.

At this point, Aaron and I have full accepted that he will not be the donor.  The doctor would like to have Aaron have his lymph node removed in July of 2014 as a precautionary measure.  Aaron and I are a team in this craziness that is our life and we just really need him to be as healthy as he can be.  For now, that's the priority.  So, we continue to search for a donor for Blake.  I have some more donor packets coming, so if anybody is at all interested, please let me know. 

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