Monday, June 24, 2013

Surgery Set

We went down last Thursday for our regularly scheduled appointment for Blake.  All in all, everything went well!  Dr. Jetton was very happy with how he looked.  No fluid overload or high blood pressure this month.  Plus, everybody kept commenting on how tan he is.  And, the dietician commented on his muscle tone. :)  I assured them he is VERY active!

We discussed dates for surgery for a new catheter and they were able to get his pre-op stuff done while we were down there, so that saved us a trip.  Blake has urology appointments scheduled for July 23rd, so we set his surgery for July 24th.  He will have to be in the hospital  for several days to a week.

That's about it.  I like uneventful, we don't get that to often. :)

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