Sunday, June 9, 2013

So far this summer...

It's June 9th (Happy Birthday Mom!).  That's crazy.  Ever since our summer list got put up on our chalkboard, we've crossed a few things off of it.  We've stayed busy for the first two weeks of summer and if I've learned one thing it's this... children love water.  Puddles.  Any type of water they can play in. 
We were taking middle school softball photos and the kids thought they should play in this puddle at third base.  On a separate occasion we went to a softball game and the twins were so soaked I had to take them home in-between games to change clothes.  Fun times.  By the way, this photo if SO Bowen.  Pure ornery.
Brody has spent a good chunk of his summer days hanging out with our neighbor, Jon.  I'm not sure whether it bothers Jon or not, but Brody loves helping with whatever Jon is doing.  Brody had to put on one of Jon's hats.

He was trying really hard to do something here.  I'm not sure what, but his face cracks me up.
A couple of weekends ago we went to Omaha for our niece, Aubrey's, birthday and also our nephew, Noah's baptism.  We went to the Amazing Pizza Machine, which was awesome!!  Super fun!  And...I forgot my SD card for my camera. AH!!!  So mad.  We were honored to be asked to be Noah's godparents.  I'm pretty sure he was the cutest thing ever.
Another accomplishment this summer - Brody is free of training wheels!!  Not to compare my children, even though I'm going to compare my children, but Jenna just got hers off this spring.  I think it's a birth order thing.  Jenna overly cautious...Brody, not so much.  It took him 24 hours and he was good to go!
I'm waiting for a crash with these two! 
We are so lucky to live behind our neighbor, Emily.  She has beautiful flowers and a really nice garden.  She has lilacs, which I think are one of the best things about spring/summer.  They remind me of our house in Armstrong.
She also has peonies!  Aren't they gorgeous?!  Emily said to go ahead and pick myself a bouquet, so I did.  Jenna snapped this picture and she didn't even realize she captured a fly on the flower.
We've also had drama.  Lots of it.  Bowen thinks he should get to do what he wants, when he wants to.  That mainly includes going outside.  All the time.  Pretty much every second of the day.  It's exhausting.
We've been watching lots of college baseball super regional action!  Have you?  You know we're a baseball family.  Anyway, the kids were asking Aaron how to pitch like a baseball pitcher.  A lesson then followed. :)

Saturday morning I took the kids out to get some flowers (finally).  The place is out in the country and they also have animals.  Goats, miniature horses, pigs, cats, chicks, a donkey, peacocks, sheep...  Anyway, the owner is so awesome and took the kids around and let them see all the animals.  They had a BLAST.  The mom didn't have her camera.  Not even my phone with me. #mommyfail
We decided to spray paint the pots purple and Jenna and Brody were great helpers with the flowers!

And...more water.
Sunday was weird.  Super sunny and blue skies.  And then a shower.  And repeat.  And repeat again. 
I let the kids play in the rain because they're kids and they should do fun stuff like that!  Who cares if they had to take a shower in the middle of the day?!
Brody and Bowen are two peas in a pod.  Which is kind of scary, really...
And Blakers.  The poor kid, because of his dialysis stuff, doesn't get to take baths with his brothers and it breaks my heart.  I know it seems like the simplest thing, but he isn't able to do it.  He tries to climb in and I have to tell him no.  Today, he was in heaven!  That smile pretty much says it all. :)
We also had friends visit that have moved away from State Center!  It's always nice to catch-up.
Saturday night, we had family movie night and watched, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days of Summer."  It was funny.  We had popcorn and the kids had a living room sleepover.  Two more things off our list, even though I know they'll be repeated.

This week is Rose Festival, which means it's going to be a C-R-A-Z-Y week!!!

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