Sunday, November 11, 2012


Jenna is playing basketball.  Yeah.  It was a tough decision for us, believe it or not.  She's only in first grade and we never wanted to be those people who started their kid playing organized sports super early.

One of Jenna's friend's mom called and said they needed another player.  The program is run through a church and is very church-oriented.  The kids pray all together before the game.  A devotion is read for the parents at halftime.  No score is kept.  And I'm ok with that. 

 They play 6, six-minute continuous clock quarters.  They all rotate through all the positions, which I think is definitely a positive.  Oddly enough, I think Jenna likes to be the point guard. :)
 I'm very surprised at how timid she is.  She's not overly aggressive and is just too nice. Ha!  I told Aaron I wish we could get Brody out there because that would for sure light a fire underneath her.

Paul, the girls' coach, is great!  

 The really cool part is that I can already see a big difference in the girls from week one until week four.  The last game is the second week in December. 
 I don't know how Jenna got old enough to be able to start playing ball.  To me, she's still my baby girl. I just hope that she enjoys the sport as much as I did. :)

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super cute! love the bouncy ponytail