Sunday, September 23, 2012

Labor Day Weekend: Swimming

Between a wedding and hiking and eating and campfires, we were still able to sneak in a quick swim before we had to head back to State Center.  The kids had a blast, plus it wore them out so they all took naps on the way home (bonus!).

 Bowen goes with gusto.  Always.  But, especially when he is exploring and discovering new things.

 Jenna busted out some swimming, even though I'm sure she was about in one foot of water here.
 My brother is always overly dramatic. :)
 Brody was all about building sand castles...

 Maddox the fish!
 Once Brody figured out that water needed to be added things went much better. :)
 The only bummer was that Blake couldn't swim for obvious reasons, like infection to his dialysis site.  But, I might have snuck him in the water to dip his toes in.  That seemed to make him happy.  A picture of the swimmers!

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