Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bad Blakers news

On September 15th I wrote a post on facebook asking for prayers for Blake because he had been battling high blood pressure.  We got so many comments and prayers and I just feel overwhelmed by all the love and happy thoughts you have sent our way.

Unfortunately, though, we are still battling this same problem.  We had our monthly visit in Iowa City and have been in constant contact with our nurse and doctor down there.  Adjustments have been made regularly to both his dialysis prescription and his blood pressure medication.  Still nothing.

Dr. Jetton wanted to see our daily log sheets yesterday, so we faxed them down.  At 5 PM Jen, our nurse, called to say that Dr. Jetton wanted to admit Blake for observation for his continued high blood pressure.  My reaction was, "NOOOO!"  Seriously, it was. :)

UGH.  I love the people in Iowa City, but I really hate being down there.  I know deep down that it must be done though.  Aaron had some questions and emailed our doctor this morning and when she mentioned that a couple of kiddos in Texas (where she used to work) had developed heart failure because of the high blood pressure I totally freaked out.  I understand that she was probably giving us a worse case scenario, but it scared the ba-jeesus out of me nonetheless.

The nice thing is that we can go down either Thursday or Friday.  I'm heading down with Blake on Friday morning.  It involves a lot of shuffling of kids and re-arranging of schedules, but ultimately we know Blaker's health has to come first.

So, please think happy, positive low blood pressure thoughts for us.  I will be super bored, which means I will update you all on what's going on.  Thank you again for your love and support!!


Angie Brooker said...

Jeez Jamie! We will be thinking about you and sending positive vibes!

Lisa Azevedo said...

Jamie!! We will pray for your safe travels, peace, healing, helpful answers and God's grace and loving embrace for all of you. So sorry you are going through this.

Betty & Stan Hunecke said...

Oh Jamie...So sorry to hear. If there's anything we can do for you, please let us know. Prayers and thoughts coming your way.

Erica Felkey said...

Prayers to you, Blakey Boy, and the rest of your family. Positive thoughts and many, many prayers!

Erica Felkey said...

Prayers to you Blake, Jamie, and the rest of the Burdorf crew. You know that you are in the best hands. Blessings!
The Felkeys

Anonymous said...

:-( We will be praying, too. Incidentally, we are here for our dialysis training through Wednesday if you are bored and want to get together for lunch or dinner or coffee or whatever. :-) We're heading home for the weekend, but back Monday.