Sunday, August 12, 2012

We've got a walker!

I think we can officially say that our fourth and final kidlet is walking!  Blakers has really taken leaps and strides the past week.  He's gone from walking in-between us to just tonite this...
 ...standing up all on his own in the middle of the floor like a big boy!
 The kid absolutely soaks in the praise he gets from all of the rest of us because we clap, smile and yell, "YAAAY BLAKERS!"  He thinks it's the best thing ever.
 He was a little unsteady this time.  
 If at first you don't succeed...
 And that look.  Priceless.
 I cannot express to you how excited we are that he's finally walking!  We knew he would lag behind because of his time in the hospital and because of just everything he's been through.  When he hits milestones it's just seems extra special because we know that he has to work that much harder to achieve them than the 100% healthy kid out there.
 I wonder where Blake gets his weird looks from... Hmmmm.... :)

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