Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ethan's Tractor Run

A week ago Aaron, Jenna, Brody, Blake, Bowen and our friend, Jay, ran in the Ethan's 5K Tractor Run.  It's done in memory of a little boy who passed away due to illness and loved tractors.  The money goes towards scholarships for high school seniors.

I was the only one that didn't run because I saw how hilly the course was and I didn't want any part of it! :)  I'm smart like that.  A few pre-race antics for Jenna and Brody:
 They held a kids race prior to the actual 5K.  It was 1/4 of a mile, which was a good distance for Jenna, but pretty far for Brody.  You can't tell a four year old to pace himself!
 The boys were pretty pumped for their first ever 5K. Jay had this crazy idea that he needed a "new experience" and asked to push them.  So he did!  The boys did great.  Blake is on the left; Bowen on the right.
 Jenna was the first girl to finish the race!  Must be those long legs...
 And a very tired Brody.  Poor kid.  He said his legs hurt when he was done.  But...
you know what makes everything better?  A MEDAL!  Yep, every kid got them.  Nothing better than that.  They were so proud!

 The whole clan of runners post-race.  
We waited around for results and door prizes.  Guess what Aaron won?  A nice little package of stuff for a winery by Des Moines.  He is soooo excited!  Well, maybe not, but I sure am! :)

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