Sunday, July 24, 2011

Story Time!

Chances are, if you: 1. Have small children. 2. Live in Iowa. 3. Watch PBS - you know the guy pictured above. His name is Dan Wardell and he does all the kids things on Iowa Public Television.

During the summer, he travels around Iowa doing programs at libraries and he happened to be in Marshalltown, so I took Jenna and Brody over to see him.

I have to admit, when you see him on t.v. he appears a little on the dorky side (to an adult). In person, you realize that that's what makes him so awesome at his job! His program was so good! I told Aaron when I got home, you know if somebody does a good job if the kids never interrupt and keep their hands to themselves. Dan kept the kids so engaged at all times. I asked the kids what their favorite part was on the way home and Jenna said, "All of it!" Definitely a morning well spent. :)

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