Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Those Burdorf boys are rolling! Actually they have been for a couple weeks now, but I'm just getting around to blogging about it.

The week of Blake's one-month check-up we were at Aaron's baseball game and Bowen rolled over. Kinda. Sorta. With a little help from a little slope of the hill. I got excited and everybody sitting around me agreed we could count it as the first time he rolled over. But, he really and truly rolled over at home the next day.

With Blakers being in the hospital so long, we figured he might lag behind physically, just because he was laying around more. Exactly one week later Aaron texted me at work to tell me that Blake had just rolled over. I couldn't believe it!

The nurses figured that once Blake rolled over he wouldn't do it anymore because of his G-tube and PD catheter. Doesn't phase the kid a bit! In fact, he rolls over more during the day than Bowen.

Just like with Jenna and Brody, every little milestone is so exciting. The first year of life is such an amazing journey!

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Tamara said...

Dear Aaron and Jaime-
I found your blog through Google and I have read the whole thing. You are amazing writers! On the day Bowen got to go home, we welcomed our son Phoenix into the world 7 weeks early. He has one kidney working at about 15% and PUV as well. Our sons have been through very similar events, we are getting hernia repaired next week and they are discussing g tube as well. We started pd as outpatient 3 weeks ago but he's so tiny we haven't gotten to 100ml yet. Maybe we can chat sometime- I sometimes question the docs, it would be nice to hear what you are being told about lab numbers etc... My email is Blake and Bowen are so adorable and you seem like such s great family.
Tamara Alvarez from California