Thursday, October 6, 2016

Buh-bye September; Hello October!

I feel like I blinked and September was gone!  As I said in my previous post, we've been keeping busy at the Burdorf household.  If you follow me on Instagram, I apologize that you've already seen these photos.  Here are just a few from our month.  

Brody, he loves his Hawkeyes.  On this day he had both his football AND basketball jersey on.  Crazy kid!
 Is it terrible I can't even remember when the UNI vs. ISU game was?!  I think it was in September.  Anyway, we found some cheap tickets and had a date nite. 
Aaron talked to the high school football coach about Brody and his friend, Connor, being the ball boys during the varsity games this year.  He agreed and these two are having a blast!  It rained the night I took this photo, so they were extra busy.  Brody is a sponge and can't stop talking about practices, players, specific plays, etc.   
 Jenna is once again playing fall softball and I am, once again, coaching.  We moved up to 12U from 10U.  It is quite the switch!  Technically, we could have probably played 10U again, but we weren't getting anything out it and it wasn't really challenging the girls.  We're making progress every week and hanging in there the best we can.  I'm focusing on the mini victories!
 On the weekend of our nephew, Carson's, birthday in Cherokee, we had to put Bailey down.  Jenna called her our, "Joint Custody Dog," since she was ours and then we had to give her to my dad because we had too many kids and not enough time for her.  It was the perfect solution because we still got to see her regularly.

Bailey was 13.5 years old and she went downhill pretty quickly.  She started having seizures Friday night and by Saturday afternoon it was just bad.  We called the vet and had her put down.  It's always sad to lose a member of your family and Bailey was just the best.  We will miss her.
 Blurry cousin pic.  SO. MANY.  BOYS. 
 Despite poor Bailey, we did have fun.  I love my family.
 Don't you think coffee just tastes better when you drink it with your mom?  Yes, so do I!
 We did a 4K for the kids to support dance marathon.  Blake didn't want anything to do with it, so Aaron stayed with him.  Brody and Bowen are little running rock stars and Jenna is pretty much her mother's daughter. Ha!  Running's not our thing...
 Anyway, it was a beautiful Sunday morning for it and we got free pancakes afterwards!  Good motivation for sure.
 Sunsets are my love language.  I will chase them down to take pictures of them at any time.  My family knows this.  I took this one on the way to a volleyball game.  I stopped right in the middle of the road and I didn't really care.  Just breathtaking....
 Don't you love fall?  More crockpot recipes in my life.  This was a no boil mac and cheese recipe that was a huge hit with the family.
 In addition to Jenna and Brody taking piano lessons, Jenna is in full swing with her first year of band.  She's playing the trombone and the nice thing about that is Aaron and I can help her.  I have no idea what I'd do if she played the clarinet or French horn.  She seems to like it so far!
 This weather is something I'm not taking for granted!  Absolutely beautiful.  We're still wearing shorts in September and October.  Say whaaaat?!  Bowen tried to get across all three of the monkey bar stations at the playground and came up short every time. 
 Technically, this photo happened in October.  Yesterday our elementary participated in the Live Healthy Iowa walk and I went to take photos for the paper.  Always a job perk is getting to see my kiddos! 

They crack me up.  Jenna comes up and gives me a hug.  Brody's friends usually have to point me out to him.  Bowen ignored me.  Blake smiled, but wouldn't come talk to me.  Thank you children for your love - haha. 
 Here's to October, my favorite month of the year.  All things apple and pumpkin.  More coffee and tea.  A chill in the air.  Sweatshirts.  Cozy socks.  Watching football.  Can't wait!

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