Friday, July 1, 2016


I thought I would post some good stuff that happened at our house this week.  I'm calling them Fri-YAYS!  It was a busy, crazy week, but there was good stuff too.  Here goes:

1. Aaron finished up his three week long/three days per week classes at UNI.  He had to be up in Cedar Falls by 7:15 AM and was there until 12:30 PM.  It was especially tough because he was juggling travel and homework and getting home from umpiring at 11 PM at night.  Lack of sleep, much?!  He is officially done with the trek.  Now, he just gets to take online classes and can stay put!  Yay for more time with dad! :)
2. I finished this book, "The Rumor."  It was a fast read and I highly recommend it.  Are you from a small town?  Do you know how quickly rumors can spread (albeit incorrectly a lot of the time)?  You will appreciate this book.
3.  Jenna won two county ball tournament games this week!  We play again July 5th.  I love getting to coach and get to know and teach these girls a sport I love.  Hopefully Miss Jenna can keep pitching the way that she has.  Her hard work is paying off. :)

4. Children of the 90s, you will thank me for this.  My favorite station to listen to on Pandora is Summer Hits of the 90s.  I love listening to songs that take me back to middle and high school.  Who doesn't need a little Matchbox 20 or Hootie and the Blowfish every now and again?!  You're welcome.
5. Yay for summer and all of its laid back glory.  I love it.  I love eating late and scrounging something together.  I love having living room or outside picnics.  The other nite we got home from Jenna's game, made frozen pizza and laughed a ton while watching, "The Middle."  BONUS:  Blake ate two whole pieces of pizza and didn't spit out a single bite!  PROGRESS. 

6. Speaking of Blake, he had labs today and all the labs we've gotten back so far were all within range.  Praise the Lord for that good news to kick-off our long weekend!  I love that kid and I love that rock star kidney of his.

We have a busy weekend planned and are looking forward to spending time with family and friends.  I hope you all have a great, long holiday weekend too!

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