Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Blakers update

For those of you who are friends with me on facebook, you know that our hospital-free streak was broken last Thursday.  While visiting Grandpa and Grandma Burdorf in Sioux City, we were forced to cut our stay about a half day short.

We noticed Blake's appendico site (the spot where we cath him to pee) was getting larger and more red/pink in color.  On Thursday around 1 PM, neither Aaron or myself could get a catheter in.  UGH.  Not a good sign.  I called urology and they wanted me to send a pic to Dr. Kieran, the urologist who we love who has been with us since the NICU.

She responded that she was sorry, but we needed to be seen. was a majorly long road trip for Aaron and Blake.  Sioux City to State Center.  Unpack.  Repack.  Head to Iowa City.  Without going in to too many details, we thought they were coming home on Friday, but they ended up staying until Saturday around 11 AM.  Blake's potassium was a smidge high and had the kidney docs worried.  Best part though:  Blake is doing so well!  Happy and active and going stir crazy in the hospital and you can't ask for much more than that!

They had us repeat labs on Monday just to be sure his numbers weren't trending in a bad direction.  They weren't, thankfully.  They asked us to try to cath Blake on Sunday and we couldn't get a catheter in.  Blake's site was enflamed and had created a "false pathway."  That simply means that the catheter isn't going the way it's supposed to.  Thanks to some steroid cream, his appendico looks like normal, but as of Tuesday, the catheter is still going down the wrong track.

So....we are having labs again tomorrow (Thursday).  This will be lab draw number six in the last eight days.  If there is anything "concerning" we will go to Iowa City on Friday to see Dr Kieran.  If not, we will see her, along with Dr. Jetton on Thursday, August 21st.  I haven't had to deal with all this uncertainty for a few months and let me tell you, I hate it.  HATE IT. 

I'm kind of frustrated with the whole thing.  I didn't think this was going to be a huge deal, but now with a procedure looming to get Blake's appendico fixed, I'm kind of freaking out.  I don't want him to start preschool by having to miss school.  I want a normal start for Blake.  Aaron will say I'm getting ahead of myself and to calm down. :) 

First things first, we need some good stable or improved labs tomorrow!  That's what I'm praying for and I know we just need to take one day at a time.  Happy thoughts!


B + A said...

Prayers for Blakers. I hate this for him, but hoping it is an "easy" fix. Sad we have not crossed paths at dM stuff..soon hopefully!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope all is going well. Thinking of you and adding you to my prayers.

Lupe Kollasch said...

I hope all is going well. Thinking of you and adding you to my prayers.