Friday, December 27, 2013

Short and sweet Christmas

The weekend of the 14th, my sister texted me about Christmas.  Which was supposed to be at our house on the 21st with my side of the family.  I told Jess I had no idea and she could figure it out.  So, everybody did!  Which was awesome.  Everybody came to Iowa City so we could have Christmas.  Despite the impending snow. 
 Aaron said he would stay at the hospital with Blake and the rest of us had Christmas at a hotel.  It was crazy and chaotic, but we were together.  It's never easy to contain as many boys as what we have in the family.

 One thing about it - we never starve. Ha!  No, seriously though, this is only half of the food.  We had quite the spread of soups, dips, sandwiches and goodies. 
 My nephew McCoy was hamming it up.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

 Aunt Mandy is pretty great too.  She was thoughtful enough to pack decorations like this tree, stockings and decor for the tables. 

Bill and Mom.
 The whole group!
 I watched all the kids while Justin, Mandy, Jess and Mitch went up to the hospital for a couple of hours to see Aaron and Blake, which was nice of them.  After a toast by my brother that had most of us crying, we headed to the pool.  This pretty much sums it up - craziness!
I can't say enough how grateful I am to our family for coming to Iowa City and making adjustments.  It was SO GREAT to hang out with them all. :)

A quick Blake update:
-Moved off of the PICU to the regular floor
-Taken his first steps in 20 days
-So happy, getting stronger and ornerier by the day
-Blood cultures have remained NEGATIVE!!! woo-hoo!!

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