Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mostly progress...

I realize I'm way behind in updating you guys on what's been going on with Blake.  People have been texting me all week and I continually respond with "sedated and stable."  That's the answer in a nutshell.

Since Saturday's scare, they have indeed kept Blake sedated.  He still has his breathing tube, even though he's at room air level (which just means he's basically breathing on his own).  Blake started CRRT, which is a gentle, continious hemo-dialysis.  They had to put the catheter in his neck.  The catheter is very positional, which means there is no way he'll handle being awake and having it in. 

They took him Monday for a belly wash out and recovered the opening in his abdomen.  Happy with the amount of fluid dialysis had taken off (he was up 4 liters!!) transplant took him back to the OR today for another belly wash to stitch him back up.  Dr. Stewart wasn't sure if she would be able to do a partial closure or a full closure, but she was able to close him all the way and "with ease" she said.

So, things were going well.  Prior to the OR trip he had come off his "pressers" which are the drugs that keep his BP up.  Well...he got back from the OR and his blood pressures were low.  Systolic in the 80s instead of 100-110 where they would like it.  His temperature went up slightly.  Although it's not normal, they figure that it just has something to do with his insides being washed out.  They think a bacteria got in his blood. *big sigh*  The good news is that he's already on a broad spectrum anti-biotics. 

The next step, is for Blake to be able to be awake.  That would be so great.  I miss those blue eyes!  I miss that ornery smile.  At some point they will shut off the hemo dialysis and just see how his urine output is.  We're back to praying for pee!

So friends, please pray that they figure out this misstep and we can get back on track. 


Marcia said...

We continue to pray!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for you blake #keepfightingblake