Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fall Photo Dump

I realized that I took some pictures pre-transplant that I never posted.  I tend to avoid random "photo dumps," and usually like to have themes of some sort to these posts, but what the heck.  My theme is random!  Let's just go with it, shall we?
A little soccer in the front yard this fall...

 Always tackling.  Always wrestling.  THANKFULLY, I think Bowen gets that Blakers is out of commission for awhile. 
 The weekend before Halloween we went over to Iowa State for a pumpkin painting dance marathon event.  It was crazy nice out and we had so much fun!
 When it comes to the most artistic of the two of us in painting or drawing, Aaron wins the prize.  The kids always ask him to draw things because they can never tell what I'm drawing. Haha.
 Aaron made a green #keepfightingblake pumpkin.
 Alexandra is our family contact for this year.  She has been over a couple times to the house and the kids really like her!  Plus, if you do cartwheels with Jenna, you're in like flynn. 

 If there's ever synchronized cartwheels in the Olympics, these two should totally try out. ;)
 You can't tell by this picture, but Dillon gets our boys beyond wound up!  He's like the fun older brother or something.  He is awesome.  This was the calm before the storm...
 A few pics from Iowa City...
The first weekend after Aaron and the kids left me.  
 Cheap tickets to a Hawkeye game against a no-name opponent?  The kids loved it!  Bowen kept looking for Herky and didn't watch the game, but still...
 The last weekend we were at the hospital I was pretty much reaching my limit.  I was so sick of the hospital.  We had just learned that we had to stay another day.  I had to get out of that place, so these three and I went to the mall.  We rode the carousel, spent time at Barnes and Noble and got slushees at Target.  That's a pretty good afternoon.
 Pee.  Glorious, beautiful pee.  We love Blake's pee.  We ooh and aaahh over it.  I wish I were kidding..
Thanksgiving Day.  We were so thankful to be home.  So thankful for just the six of us.  I made my first turkey with the help of Jenna and Brody.  Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.  Football.  Food.  Saying what we were thankful for.  Movies.  And we did all that in our sweats.  We couldn't have ask for anything better. 
I went on my first run in FOR.EV.ER.  Over a month.  It was hard.  I couldn't breathe.  It felt good to do that though.  To have some time by myself with my own thoughts.  I'm bummed I can't run more.  I need to quit feeling guilty about this.  I have a lot going on with Blake and it is what it is, right?!  Right.
 Aaron surprised the kids with a trip to Ames Sunday afternoon for the Cy-Hawk wrestling match.  The Hawkeyes won and I think the kids had fun!
That's what we've been up to.  Adjusting.  Continually adjusting.  Trying to get into a routine.  Enjoying the chaos at home!

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