Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weekend Summer Fun

We were all actually home this past weekend!  Ok, well on Saturday at least. :)  We definitely kept busy on Saturday and Sunday.  

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the Berry Patch in Nevada to pick some strawberries.  By "we" I mean Jenna, Brody and our friend, Mary.  It was crazy busy!  We got a ton of beautiful berries to make some freezer jam with.

After that we headed home to get Aaron and the twins and headed back to Ames for some serious grocery shopping.  I realized that we hadn't done a really big shopping trip for about a month, which would explain why we had no food in the house. :)

It was hot over the weekend, so one of the the things we picked up for the kids was this slip 'n slide.  Fun for hours.  For both big and small kids alike. :)

 The twins liked the water as long as they were in control and it wasn't spraying them.  Also, Blake has his onesie on to cover his g-tube and dialysis catheter underneath, in case you were wondering.  I'm so happy that it's ok for him to play and get wet!

 Sunday Aaron had to umpire a couple of games in Des Moines, so the kids and I stayed busy.  I finally bought some flowers at the farmer's market Friday night and the kids (all four!) helped me plant them.
 Bowen thought the dirt tasted good too.  Stinker.
 After the babies laid down for their naps, Jenna and Brody helped me make the freezer jam.  They were excellent helpers.  Jenna helped cut up the strawberries and Brody mashed them up.

 Six containers of freezer jam.  There is nothing like that stuff.  It tastes so fresh and yummy.  I caught Brody eating it with a spoon the other day. :)
 How about these two cute little monkeys?!  Man, they are getting so big so fast.  Last week they turned 14 months!  It's so fun to watch them learn new things, but it makes my heart sad that this is it for babies at the Burdorf house.

 BOWEN (sidenote:  holy cow is that Brody in the picture above!!)
It was such a nice weekend!  We are hoping for many more of these kinds of weekends this summer.