Sunday, June 24, 2012

54th Rose Festival

State Center held it's annual Rose Festival celebration last weekend.  It's three days of FUN, but a lot of work for me with my job.  Running around taking pictures, pictures and more pictures!  

Friday night is a BBQ competition and other activities going on.  Unfortunately but fortunately this rained Friday night.  Unfortunately because it put a damper on activities.  Fortunately because we really needed the rain.

I thought I would grab a picture from last year's Rose Festival of the twins in the stroller.  This was the day Blakers was discharged from the hospital. 
And this year's photo.  WOW!  Isn't the growth in the first year of life amazing?!  I think it's so funny how much they used to look alike and now how much they don't.  
 Anyway, the kids put on their rain boots and we headed out.  Aaron was umpiring, so it was just me, four kids and my camera Friday night.
 The rose garden was pretty, despite the rain and I couldn't resist a picture.
 Friday night Grandma and Grandpa Burdorf came down, as they always do, for the festivities.  We hit up the petting zoo before the parade at ten.
 Bowen was FEARLESS.  He loved all the animals.  Aaron and I turned our backs on him for two seconds and it was long enough for him to stick his hand in a pile of donkey poop!!  AHHH!!  That kid.  Shortly thereafter, Aaron had a goat jump up on him that must have jumped in the same donkey poop and got it all over his shorts.  Awesome.  The good news is we only lived two blocks away and so he ran home and changed.

 We ran into "Grandma Sara" uptown.  We love her and miss her now that she's over by Cedar Rapids.  Bowen had fun walking around with her.
 This was the first year the kids did the pedal tractor pull.  They didn't place or anything, but I think they both had fun!
 We have a one room school house in town and every half hour they were holding a spelling bee.  Jenna wanted to do it, then changed her mind.  I literally, being the nice mom that I am, drug her to the front.  Sometimes that child needs a nudge!!  The teacher explained that words would be given to students based on their grade levels.
 When all was said and done, Jenna was the last one standing against the other seven kids.  Yes, Jenna who didn't want to do it won!!  She is a good speller and I knew she'd be fine!  She got her name on the board and a bottle of root beer for her efforts. :)
 Sunday we headed up for wristband day at the carnival.  The kids had been talking for two days about how they wanted to ride the horses.  By horses, they meant the merry-go-round. :)  Pure happiness...
 And flying pigs...  I love those big smiles!
It was hot that day and afterwards we headed to Tropical Sno for a treat.  Grandma Linda had given the kids money to stop and get something.  The perfect end to the 54th Rose Festival. 

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Mary or Jerod said...

I'm not gonna lie, I slightly teared up looking at the pictures of Jenna because in photo-form she looks like she's in about third or fourth grade... (Sniff, sniff)