Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wisconsin Graduation

We took our longest trip yet with all four kiddos over Memorial Day weekend.  We headed to Spooner, Wisconsin for my cousin, Kasea's graduation.  Every summer for the past, I don't know how many summers, Kase and McKenzie come to Iowa to stay with us for a week.  
 We left Thursday afternoon and headed to Hastings, Minnesota, to stay with my grandparents.  We wanted to break up the 6+ hour trip at least one of the ways.  All three boys loved my grandpa's cane.
 Brody decided how to show great grandpa Don how to play stupid zombies on my phone.  It was so cute.  Friday morning we got up and headed to the Legion for some breakfast.  It's a favorite of ours, right on the Mississippi river and I always get the biscuits and gravy.  The only time I ever get it is there.
 We hit the road for Wisconsin about 10:30 AM on Friday.  Mother Nature did us a favor by raining on Kasea and Taylor's softball game on Thursday.  The rescheduled date was Friday at 3:30!
  It was very cool that we got to watch the girls play.  They both start.  Kasea catches and T plays second.  Bowen was more interested in Ken's camera though...
 Taylor laid down a great bunt and was safe at first.  I was too lazy to move down the first baseline, so that's why you see their backsides. :)
 You know you're in Wisconsin at a softball game when there's pine trees in the outfield.
 As for the game, Spooner was behind, then rallied and then the team they played rallied and the Rails were unable to come back.  It stunk.  It ended up beings Kasea's last game. :(
If you want to get my aunt Jeri worked up, just ask her about having your clean-up hitter bunt in the bottom of the seventh inning... LOL.
Friday night we hung out in the hotel.  I put the twins to bed and Aaron took the two oldest swimming. That meant I got an HOUR to read.  Peace and quiet. was A-MAZING!!
Saturday from 12-4 was the actual graduation party.  We spent Friday setting up for a couple of hours and went out early on Saturday to help finish up.  Kase had lots of pictures.  Girl after my own heart right there. :)
I think Jenna and Brody were the first ones through the line. The food was delish!  Speaking of food, you know you're in Wisconsin when somebody brings fresh milk and cheese as a gift to the grad party. I'm not even kidding.  Proof below:
It was soooo good!  You really could taste the difference.  Who would have thought?!  Aaron and I posed with the graduate.  She is a great kid and I know she's going to be awesome at whatever she does.
The Roman girls, plus me and Jenna Jo.  I love how this picture turned out.  What a fun time!
After we cleaned up at the party, we headed back to the hotel for an hour or so to recharge.  We headed to Hayward where Steve and Jeri now live.  They just moved into a new place at the end of April.  I love it.  Nothing says you're in Wisconsin more than this:
My Uncle Steve.  He's a good egg.  Always has a big hug and some kind words for me.  Love that guy.
Taylor and her boyfriend spent a majority of time chasing Mr. Bowen up the stairs.  I think they got a good workout!
This is "Uncle" Greg.  Actually, it's one of Steve and Jeri's friends, who we've never met before.  Blake LOVED and I mean LOVED him.  Blake is always more leery of strangers (for obvious reasons and who can blame him?), but he took to Greg right away.  Blakers has a thing for hats...  Anyway, by the end of the night Greg was hanging with both boys and gave them big hugs when we left.
All six of us waiting out the thunderstorm before heading back to Spooner.  Bowen's face = priceless.
It was a long trip home, but the trip was so worth it.  I hate that we live so far away from the Romans.  We always have so much fun when we're together and they are so good to the kiddos.  We kept track and it was 837 miles round trip.  Whew!  So happy we got to go and visit, but now we're happy to be home. :)

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