Monday, May 7, 2012

Ronald McDonald Run

On March 26th, we asked you to join our team, #keepfightingblake, in the Ronald McDonald House 5K run in Iowa City.  It is a place that is near and dear to our hearts and we could not have imagined the response that we got!  Wow!  You all are just amazing!

Jenna and Brody's teachers put a coin drive together for the preschool and kindergarten classes.  The total was over $500!!!  Can you believe that?!  I wanted to cry.  In addition to that we had over $600 in other donations!!!  Can I just say, wow, again?!

At long last, the day we had been waiting (and training!) for had finally arrived.  The rain stayed away and it ended up being a very nice day.
While getting ready for the run we were sitting outside Carver Hawkeye Arena and who walked up to us, but Ronald McDonald himself.  He was so hilarious and funny with the kids!
We had an awesome team!  Eight adults and four kids ran to support Blake.  I'm continually amazed at how much people love and support Blake and our family.

A pre-race family photo.  Apparently there was something very fascinating to the twins' left. :)
The kids run ended up being just about 45-50 yards, but the kids were so excited.  In the front are Brody (yellow shirt), our friend Mason, Jenna (yellow shirt) and Ava in the pink.
Halfway down, Jenna had her eye on the prize.  Brody looks like he's sizing up the competition with that determined look on his face.  
Some of #keepfightingblake team members.  Danielle and Jesse Toyne.  They ran in their very first 5K and did AWESOME!  
Jay and Ashley Smith.  They both rocked it too!  Jay got sixth overall and won his age division and Ashley got second in her age division. 
And us.  Aaron and I both set time goals for ourselves.  Aaron wanted to finish under 26 minutes.  I wanted under 30.  Aaron's time was 25:32 and I finished in 28:13.  To say we were a little excited is an understatement!
Here are some photos of us as we neared the finish line!

Aaron was excited that Herky waved him home to the finish line, just like a baseball coach. :)
After the race, the kiddos somehow snuck down to the basketball court in Carver.  I don't think they were probably supposed to be in there, but Aaron was able to sneak a quick photo.  They thought it was cool because they see that floor on t.v.
We thank you again for your generous donations.  When all was said and done, Mr. Brody was the top overall individual fundraiser and our team was also the top fundraising team!  We got some gift certificates to McDonald's for our efforts. :)
It was a great day to spend a Sunday!  Surrounded by our family and friends.  We are already talking about next year's race.  We can't wait!

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Mary or Jerod said...

I must have been living under a rock- I can't remember if I knew you guys were doing this- but way to go! By the way- you look AMAZING (not that you haven't in the past, you just look so happy and like you feel great), talk soon!